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Green Energy Bad? Decide for yourself. 🎥 Watch: Planet of the Humans

In the free documentary "Planet of the Humans" by Jeff Gibbs and produced by well-known progressive film maker Michael Moore, it is argued that Green Energy is not all it claims to be. In fact, so goes the central thesis, it is little better than fossil fuels when all impacts and inputs are taken into account. With the documentary available without charge on YouTube at the time of writing, we invite you to take a look for yourself and make up your own mind:

Note: the film may only be available for a limited Time. (Update: 27/05 Content may not be available to due a copyright breach claim on the film.)

All of us at plan to watch it ourselves with an open mind - and critical brain. We believe in facts, not dogmatic ideology. Let's see how the key contentions stand up to scrutiny. A full review and critique to follow.


Stay safe as we continue to navigate our way through COVID-19.

Best wishes from the whole team.



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