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Know that truth, forgiveness, and love can heal the world 🌏

Love and forgiveness is the hope we seek. Most of us have been or will go through heartbreak at some point in our lives. We feel rejection, people will cheat on us and we will feel grief for that loss or pain we go through. It makes us fear of ever feeling that way about something or someone again. That pain can also make us act out with hatred, it can make us judge one another and it makes us say and do things that are not who we really are.

Quantum physics and in particular the theory of quantum entanglement is one of the most amazing science theories out there because it describes the spiritual realms of love. It helps us to understand how important it is to forgive, to always choose love over fear. When two people's electromagnetic energies come together, often referred to as 'chemistry' they interlock. If you physically separated those intertwined energies...and put one on one side of the world to the other, they may physically separate, but they are still connected. If you do something to one, the other will be immediately impacted. The speed of that communication between the two breaks our 'rules', such as the speed of light and connection despite physical distance.

Quantum entanglement is essentially the scientific explanation of love. It suggests that love has the power to break the dimensions of time and space. It literally defies all laws of physics...better yet it seemingly overcomes all physical barriers and the realities we have led ourselves to believe.

When you think of a friend and they suddenly call you...that's quantum entanglement. When a mother suddenly gets worried about her daughter and finds out she's been in a car crash, that's quantum entanglement. These aren't coincidences, there is love all around us if we choose to see it.

Going even deeper...quantum physics explains if we break everything down to the smallest molecule; the buildings, the sky, our own bodies...we are nothing but pure energy. The entanglement and continual growth of these energies are held together through these connections.

Do you get it? We are all energy...we all have the potential to love and be loved, with everything that exists within our realms.

If you look, you can see examples that love can heal both us and nature all around. Studies of people sending thoughts of hate towards a small plant and eventually killing it versus sending thoughts of love and compassion to another and it is flourishing, leaders choosing to act with empathy in episodes of violence and uniting people instead of dividing...these are all acts of love that help us grow. The fact is, that our brains aren't designed to act in this way...they are designed to help us survive, so we often react in fear and anger to protect ourselves.

Covid19 has been a great example of this and the 'panic buying'. We have the ability to make better decisions as a species. We have the ability to choose love over fear, every time.

Forgiveness, compassion and empathy is key to our survival. Every single collapse of the human civilisation in the past has led to war. All evidence currently suggests we are heading towards that same collapse..but this time we are playing with nuclear weapons. The possibility of love is more powerful to heal each other and nature than we think. In the end, we are nature...we are a part of it, not above it like society has led us to believe.

Heartbreak, the loss of someone and fear is all real but because of what the quantum world teaches's also an illusion. We have to remember that we are not our 'surface behaviours'...we are so much more than that if we learn to tap into our own hearts.

We are pure energy, pure intelligence. And that energy holds the power to all life on earth.

Learn to see the good in people, then learn how to bring it out in them. Choose love over fear, because in the end without love there is no hope.

Hope lies within our own hearts and minds and the choices we make with how we treat ALL living things. The hope we seek for the future of our world therefore lies within choosing to forgive, acting with compassion, empathising with others and above love and be loved in return.

Love more to heal. Forgive more, because forgiveness can heal us rapidly. But most of all, both together can help to rebuild our world.

Further reading from *) Khory Hancock:

*) Khory Hancock (known as The Environmental Cowboy) is a country boy & Environmental Scientist on a journey that aims to inspire a complete regeneration of our forests, oceans and soils. He is an Environmental Scientist with a vision to empower others to regenerate our natural world ultimately creating a more sustainable future for our world.

Climate change is by far the biggest threat the world faces and Khory (aka The Environmental Cowboy) is starting an industry wide movement to drastically reduce our carbon emissions (by using renewable energy) and capitalise on the economic and social opportunities to draw it back down out of the atmosphere and store it safely in our oceans, forests and soils (carbon farming).

Khory originally comes from a 30 000 acre cattle station on Carnarvon Gorge, central Queensland, Australia. Growing up on the land helping his family run cattle for a living taught him basic sustainability principles - about giving back and looking after the land so that it could continue to support us. Khory now works as an environmental professional across many different industries including carbon farming, land management and rehabilitation, water management, regenerative agriculture and Light Rail (public transport). He is a highly sought after public speaker and social media influencer that provides solutions to the environmental challenges we face at an individual and company level. He uses the 'cowboy' persona to communicate the messages more effectively to the public. Join The Environmental Cowboy for adventure after adventure that inspires and is full of laughs for all!




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