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Travel Story 1 - Team Member Glenn on Tour in Queensland/Australia 🎥

Recently our team member Glenn returned from a round-trip along the East Coast of Queensland/Australia. Enjoy his travel story.

We decided it was about time that we ourselves take a trip together to see more of beautiful Queensland. And so my partner and myself set off in the frosty early morning hours through the largely deserted streets of Brisbane on our way up the coast. The early start was well worth it, as we were able to enjoy the most glorious sunrise from Coolum Beach while having breakfast in the back of a comfortably equipped Toyota Hiace Campervan.

Sunrise in Coolum Beach

Our Round-trip (Google maps)

From there, we continued heading up the Bruce Highway. As the saying goes, “getting there is half the fun”. Taking turns driving, we had a free overnight stay (as planned) at the Yaamba Rest Area, just North of Rockhampton. (Other free rest areas we can recommend: Gympie North, Tiaro, Gin Gin, Waverley Creek and the Home Hill Comfort Stop.)

The following day, we slowed the pace enjoying the freedom that having your own “home on wheels” has to offer. The Carmila Beach campgrounds attract a small fee, but it is well worth it for the beach access alone.

Carmila Beach is an unspoilt paradise and convenient 3 day rest and camping area for all those travelling between Rockhampton and Sarina.

Next day, our journey took us to the Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park, nestled in the middle of a National Park. The facilities were immaculately maintained, views spectacular and sight of kangaroos visiting the beach mornings is not to be missed; this is one spot well worth paying a fee to stay at a powered or unpowered site.

In addition to their females' pouches for the joey, kangaroos are known for their “boxing” skills, and here's the reason why: Male kangaroos often fight to establish dominance or win a mate. Fights consist mostly of balancing on their tails while trying to knock their opponent off balance. Also: A bit of wrestling.

Having rested up, we made our way to Bowen for some sightseeing, then travelling on to the overnight rest area in Home Hill. It is really nice to be able to park in a suitable spot with nice views, wind out the awning and have a picnic wherever you like, having everything you need easily accessible.

Home Hill Comfort Stop Motor homes, caravans, campervans are allowed to stop for 48 hours in Railway Avenue at the rear of the comfort stop - in the centre of town.

Continuing at a leisurely pace (the kind you just don’t have when you’re reliant on fixed accomodation) we progressed through Townsville, Saunders Beach and then back South to Charters Towers, staying wherever it was opportune. We were treated to yet more lovely beaches, National Parks, waterfalls … and, by happenstance, a surprisingly interesting Bush Telegraph Museum in Cardwell - well worth a look!

On our way back South using the inland route, we accessed more free overnight rest areas. The one in Emerald (near the Botanical Gardens) was particularly present.

The following day we had a leisurely “halfway between breakfast and lunch” break under the shade of our Camper awning at Lake Maraboon (not too far off the Gregory highway) enjoying the fresh, local produce we had bought the previous days. It’s great having your cooking and cooling facilities always with you!

Glenn’s “2nd home”...and his partners of course

Our way home took us through Roma, with a free overnight stay at the showgrounds just outside of Miles. Of all the lovely, friendly people we met on our journey those around us at this stay were some of the most pleasant and considerate you’re likely to meet.

To finish our trip at a truly relaxed pace, we stayed a couple of nights at the Caravan and Camping sites adjoining the Jondaryan Woolshed, just West of Toowoomba.

One of the historic buildings in the Jondaryan Woolshed Museum - the Blacksmith Station

There are powered and unpowered sites available, and with a discount to the heritage-listed Woolshed and Museum Village well worth the stay. It’s really a remarkable walk through history, and you get to retire to your “2nd Home” after taking in the interesting presentations.

Needless to say, after several weeks enjoying the freedom of our campervan, we couldn’t wait to get back on the road.


🎥 Relaxing music with Ocean Waves at Coolum Beach/Australia (1:09)

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