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Below we introduce our diverse team of contributors that ensure the site continues to have fresh, interesting content. What we have in common is a firm belief that through sharing information and discussing topical issues we can play our part in a sea change for society, creating a sustainable, healthy and happy (!) future.

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First Post - December 24th, 2017

Founder, Lead Blogger & World Champion Worrier


Working in IT in a former life, Richard now divides his time between business analysis and


Passionate about everything conservation and environmentalism, Richard wants to live in a world where our natural systems don't need vigorous, confrontational protection; sustainability will be woven into the fabric of our culture.


Until then, we fight the corporate and political machine. Education and good -faith discussion is how we start.



First Post - January 9th, 2018

Site Blogger, Farmer, Grumpy by Default


A long journey has led Glenn to be a contributor to the site. Taking over from his father, he continued running cattle on the family property. After the challenging process of transitioning to "growing" certified organic beef, he decided to take a drastic turn; the cattle have now been replaced with alpacas. Though less lucrative than large-scale cattle grazing, he now sells alpaca fiber to a handful of regular customers, along with growing seasonal vegetables for the local markets.

Insisting he isn't a natural writer, Glenn does like to post blogs on alternative or controversial topics. He finds he is most inspired when disagreeing with our other site contributors. His input is valued a lot, especially because the focus is always on the issue, and not the individual.



First Post - April 22nd, 2018

Guest Contributor


Owner of Solar Whisper Daintree River Cruises. Tireless advocate for the protection of Australia's unique ecosystems. Setting the record straight.




First Post - None (refuses to write)

Security Consultant


Interests: Food, Sleep, Walkies

That's about it, really. See me on patrol




First Post - December 25th, 2017

Site Blogger, Social Media & Always the Optimist

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed." - Gandhi

Senior member of the team, with a zest for life and living it with an attitude of gratitude (most of the time). She enjoys gardening, reading, writing, traveling and Yoga; staying fit in mind, body and spirit


With an enormous passion for protecting our environment, she believes we need to do everything possible to regain a balance with nature. By conserving, protecting and living in harmony with mother nature we will restore an appreciation for what is truly important, and thus improve our own well-being, as just one of myriad species on this "blue marble".


In light of this goal, Inga is an enthusiastic contributor to



First Post - December 26th, 2017

Site Blogger, Environ- mentalist & Chocolate Enthusiast


Working in environmental regulation & compliance, provides expert advice to the rest of the team. Loves all animals; except when large spiders find their way into the house!

Finds writing for a nice change of pace from research and report writing, which in many cases reinforces that we have quite some way to go to reach sustainability.




First Post - June 4th, 2018

Guest Contributor


Rebecca is a student at the University of South Florida, Patel College of Global Sustainability. She enjoys bowling, blogging, snorkeling, and volunteering. She enjoys writing about people and projects that are making a positive impact.


She can't wait to graduate, and land a job in the sustainability field!




Rebecca D. Thomas


First Post - November 11th, 2018

Site Partner, Blogger and Proud Business Owner

Snake Catchers Brisbane is the largest provider of professional snake catching services in the Greater Brisbane area, in Queensland (Australia). Providing a 24 hour removal and relocation service, we are passionate about excellent service, protecting both people and wildlife.

We provide stories on our non-stop, adventures and inform the public on the wide range of species we encounter. Find us on Facebook here.

Sharing content with is a great opportunity to extend our reach online.


Snake Catchers Brisbane

First Post - June 20th, 2018

Guest Contributor


“This is no longer where I live,

this is how I live."

Koala Gardens is a privately owned property that has been dedicated to the regeneration of native Australian habitat.  There is one small area planted with 300 trees that are harvested to provide food to koalas in care at Friends of the Koala in Lismore.

The major focus is on regenerating native habitat with possibly 14 vulnerable species standing to benefit.  Of these 14 species, 5 have now been sighted on the property; the other 9 are known to be in the area and their habitat is on the property.

Koala Gardens knows that one property doing this is not enough and is developing a model that other properties can use to begin regeneration works of their own.  The property owner, Katrina Jeffery, believes that education is the key to getting people involved in the solution - more land dedicated to native ecosystems.



Katrina - Custodial Unit

Koala Gardens (Wild & Free)

First Post - February 3rd, 2018

Guest Contributor


IT Professional and translator from "nerd" to English. Avid reader of envi- ronment news and opinion. Most interested in animal rights issues.




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