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China Gov Disregard for World - Plundering the Seas

With recent diplomatic and trade tension between Australia and China originating from the reasonable call for an independent investigation into the origins and handling of COVID, it is a timely reminder that the Chinese government has not – nor will ever – engage the world in accordance with common laws, decency, and norms. Yet another example, with devastating consequences on the natural world, is the plundering of the seas by China-flagged, industrial-scale fishing fleets.

China Government Shark Finning Practices

With complete disregard for protected or restricted-take zones, groups of vessels at times numbering in the hundreds lay waste to our precious marine ecosystems. Even especially sensitive areas like those surrounding the Galapagos islands are not safe. They are enabled by massive China Communist Government subsidies, showing us the destructive combination of Tragedy of the Commons and Might is Right, writ large. Independent observers note repeated instructions into national waters as well. In total, there could be over 17,000 China fishing vessels (see, for example, this study). This cannot continue for much longer.

Other repeated violations by China fishing vessels include:

  • Transponders being turned off

  • Shark-finning

  • Using front-companies to trawl local waters (thereby also depriving traditional fishermen)

  • On-selling fishing license to North Korea, in violation of UN sanctions

  • And many more

On this front and many others, the international community must fight back against the odious China Communist Government, de-couple our economies (by reducing trade dependence) and stand against a regime that will Lie, Cheat and Steal to no end to further its might. Our well-being another with that of the natural world depends on it.



Image: China Government Shark Finning Practices, property of Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment.


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