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Esther The Wonder Pig - A Tribute

We were all profoundly saddened by the death of Esther the Wonder Pig. She was adored by millions on Instagram and other platforms, delighting us with her antics while acting as an ambassador for animal welfare.

Esther rapidly became a social media sensation and, thankfully, an animal rights advocate. Esther was not an ordinary pig; she was a domestic pig who was initially adopted by a Canadian couple, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, in 2012. At the time of her adoption, they were under the impression that Esther was a "mini-pig" and would remain small in size. However, Esther turned out to be a commercial pig breed and grew to a much larger size than they had anticipated.

Esther's larger-than-expected size didn't deter Steve and Derek from keeping her as a beloved member of their family. They documented their experiences and shared them on social media, where Esther's charming and heartwarming story quickly gained attention. Her charming personality and the couple's advocacy for animal welfare and veganism contributed to Esther's status as a social media celebrity.

Esther the Wonder Pig's popularity led to the creation of the Esther the Wonder Pig Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting animal rights and rescue efforts. The foundation advocates for the welfare of farm animals, encourages veganism, and supports various animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations.

Esther's story has inspired many people to reconsider their attitudes towards farm animals and has raised awareness about the treatment of animals in the agriculture industry. She has also contributed to the growing movement for animal rights and ethical treatment of animals.

She will be missed by all who knew her. May her life be a symbol of hope and compassion for our kindred spirits, sharing this world with humankind.

🐷 Forever inspiring compassion and kindness for farmed animals everywhere.



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