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"It's the Volcanoes, Man!!" - Disarming the Smug Patrol

If I were a betting man, I would put down good money that there’s a scientifically significant correlation between those that argue that Climate Change is a global conspiracy of scientists the world over and believing the moon landing was faked.

One claim we see made is that Volcanoes contribute more greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere than people do.

Oh dear.

The next time a nincompoop – noun [ C ] informal: a silly or stupid person [1] – (best not call them that) triumphantly makes this statement, point them to the following chart:

Credit & © Bloomberg. Roston & Migliozzi, 2015 [1]

This is assuming our climate science denialist is not impervious to evidence. It seems that some relish in their willful ignorance – perhaps it offers the false pride of being a rebel. “I know what’s really going on. The scientists are only out to enrich themselves.” Meanwhile Coal and Oil barons are pure, righteous folk, standing up for the truth.

It's the Volcanoes I tell you. I heard it from Alex Jones!

Yeah, right.

As the Climate Emergency accelerates, we need to discard this nonsense relentlessly. In addition to the terrific, informative graphs from Bloomberg (I urge you to take a look at all of them), please see the below resources for credible information:

Climate Science Fact



[2] Bloomberg, 2015. “What’s Really Warming the World” –



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