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March 3 - World Wildlife Day - Let us Celebrate & Reflect

Today is a very special day. It's World Wildlife Day: a day to celebrate the remarkable diversity of life that we find on our Blue Marble in the void of space. Every creature is beautiful in it's own way. From the most prominent species to those we seldom think about, they make the world that much for fascinating - instilling us with a sense of wonder, if we take the time to reflect.

On the subject of reflection, it's also important to recognise how impoverished the world would be without myriad animals that we share Earth with. Imagine a world without Elephants, without Whales, without Lions... I think we'd be losing a part of ourselves.

Perhaps take the time to watch a nature documentary today. Or, better yet, visit a local National Park if that's an option for you. Research shows that "getting back to nature" is a highly beneficial thing to do.

If it's within your means, you might like to consider giving a small amount to an organisation like World Land Trust, which protects dwindling remaining habitat to ensure the future of our shared heritage (

I hope we have the wisdom to decide we *need* wildlife in our world: an expansion landscape of glass, steel, concrete as far and wide as we can manage... do we want to live in a world like that?


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