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The Results are in: Poll on Red Meat

Thank you to everyone that took part in our poll on eating red meat. The results were as follows:

  • Approximately 80 % consume it never or hardly ever

  • Around 20% said "sometimes"

  • Zero every day or almost every day; the same goes for the response "most days"

Not surprisingly, our audience is highly informed and would appear to be making a conscious effort to reduce their consumption. I can only speculate whether this is on the grounds of personal preference, concern for environmental impacts or animal welfare (perhaps worthy of a future poll), or another reason. Let us know in the comments.

Nevertheless, any reduction is progress, and I can certainly understand those that want to indulge, on occasion! Arguably, biodynamic and organically sourced beef comes from healthier, happier cows. It might be worth considering, should the mood strike.

The next poll is on carbon emissions and possible options for government to take (or not). Why not have your say? You'll find it on the About page.

Once again, thanks for your participation.


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