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Website Poll Results: A (Wo)Man's Best Friend...?

The results are in for our most recent poll! Thank you to those who participated.

Our wonderful community enjoys pet ownership as follows:

EnviroBlog DotNet Poll Results August 2019
CORRECTION: Data is up to and including 14th August, 2019 -- Richard

In descending order:

  • Dog – 36%

  • None – 27%

  • Cat – 17%

  • Other – 10%

  • Bird – 7%

  • Fish – 3%

Every dog has its day, and we sure love our pampered pooches. Hopefully they are rescued ones:

Next we have no pet at all. Whether this is due to a conscious environmental decision or other personal factors (for example, no pets allowed in current occupation) would be interesting to know.

With 10% “other”, our curiosity is piqued! Guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes… a pig 😉

Dogs Raise Orphaned Piglets | The Dodo Odd Couples

The lowest proportion is fish, with 3%. Not ideal for “cuddles” and bonding, though smarter than we think: According to Culum Brown from Macquarie University, "Fish are more intelligent than they appear"

Thanks again for voting.


For the next poll, we'd love to know: What is your favourite place to go for leisure time or relax? (Link on our homepage)


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