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Elon Musk on the "Crazy Game We're Playing with the Atmosphere" 🎥

Yours truly recently discovered a fascinating conversation with Elon Musk, bonafide genius and entreprenuer, on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Among the many subjects covered was an extensive conversation on the state of the environment, and the impacts of climate change in particular. Elon's motor vehicle company Tesla is playing a leading role in transitioning transportation to the full-electric model. Furthermore there are pilot projects underway in varied areas such as building-integrated (roofing) photo-voltaic panels, power storage and overlapping underground tunnel networks to ease congestion, and vacuum sealed high-speed trains (see Hyperloop).

The most salient part of the exchange starts from 1:18:45; I can't recommend it highly enough. Elon has an amazing mind, and Joe Rogan does a great job with inquisitive questions yet not disrupting or sidetracking the flow of ideas.

"We must accelerate the transition to sustainable energy."

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In a moment of remarkable generosity and humanity, Elon Musk ends the conversation with wisdom:

It may sound corny... but love is the answer.
People should be nicer to each other ... don't assume they're mean until you know they're actually mean. People are nicer than you think.


On an unrelated subject, hopefully Elon Musk's most dire warnings regarding the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) do not come to pass; once the genie is out of the bottle, there is no way of getting it back in.

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