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Film Recommendation: "An Inconvenient Sequel - Truth to Power" (2017)

“An Inconvenient Sequel” shows Al Gore as he continues his fight to spread awareness and bring about real change in order to address the impending climate crisis, the effects of which are already starting to be felt today. His relentless determination, courage and enthusiasm is truly a marvel as he faces the headwinds of short-sighted and greedy entrenched interests, as well as climate denialists. The fight to alter climate policy on a global scale reaches climax in the film as (despite the terror attacks in Paris, November 2015) world leaders come together to agree upon an historic agreement to limit warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. Without exaggeration, the former Vice President’s efforts play a key role in securing agreement in the final stages.

From giving presentations, to educating a new generation of activists and visiting the parts of our world already feeling the impact of climate change, the film is informative, captivating and inspirational throughout. We highly recommend this film to everyone; may it change many hearts and minds and fuel individual and collective action as we work towards a sustainable future.

Trailer © Paramount Pictures, 2017


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