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Film Recommendation 📽: Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020)

Let us first introduce our Guest Writer and thank him for giving us permission to publish his blog.

Khory Hancock (known as The Environmental Cowboy) is a country boy & Environmental Scientist on a journey that aims to inspire a complete regeneration of our forests, oceans and soils. He is an Environmental Scientist with a vision to empower others to regenerate our natural world ultimately creating a more sustainable future for our world.

Climate change is by far the biggest threat the world faces and Khory (aka The Environmental Cowboy) is starting an industry wide movement to drastically reduce our carbon emissions (by using renewable energy) and capitalise on the economic and social opportunities to draw it back down out of the atmosphere and store it safely in our oceans, forests and soils (carbon farming).

Khory originally comes from a 30 000 acre cattle station on Carnarvon Gorge, central Queensland, Australia. Growing up on the land helping his family run cattle for a living taught him basic sustainability principles - about giving back and looking after the land so that it could continue to support us. Khory now works as an environmental professional across many different industries including carbon farming, land management and rehabilitation, water management, regenerative agriculture and Light Rail (public transport). He is a highly sought after public speaker and social media influencer that provides solutions to the environmental challenges we face at an individual and company level. He uses the 'cowboy' persona to communicate the messages more effectively to the public. Join The Environmental Cowboy for adventure after adventure that inspires and is full of laughs for all!

Khory's blog:

I got asked to review the full Kiss The Ground documentary ahead of its global release, which was a surprise and privilege.

The documentary is on soil health as a climate solution using regenerative agricultural methods (better food production methods such as managed cattle grazing and multi-species cropping).

The film roots itself in hard science which was so encouraging to see...using Project Drawdown’s peer reviewed plan to reverse global warming as a reference and guide.

It explains how different crop and grazing methods can be used to maximise the photosynthesis process in plants that will in turn store more carbon in the soil...ultimately aiming to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

It is hopeful, completely science based and changes the conversation away from ‘doom and gloom’ into a more solutions based theme, in much the same way the recent 2040: The Regeneration film has done.

There are two opportunities of improvement I have identified for their next film (hoping there is a next one!)...the first being they needed to elaborate on the scientific reasoning behind

the plant based diet solution that was mentioned a bit more, especially given the ‘vegan versus meat eater’ debate is such a highly argued topic world wide.

Plant based diets, according to Drawdown is the number 3 top solution out of 100 to climate change. This is due to the need to reduce the demand for industrial meat consumption which causes a much faster rate of environmental destruction compared to crops. This wasn’t explained during the film.

They also could have spent more time on this solution so the film has the potential to appeal to a much larger global audience which is becoming increasingly more conscious of consuming animals from an ethical standpoint.

The second criticism is that I really enjoyed the passionate soil presenter who went around the countryside educating small groups of farmers. There was the beginning of a story here which allowed me to emotionally connect with that person however it left me wanting more from him and not really getting enough out of it.

People naturally need that emotional connection to people or animals through storytelling to really ‘feel’ the movie and simultaneously retain the information. It nearly felt like the producers got the big name movie stars and used them as the ‘headline grabbing’ draw card, whereas I wanted to know more about the little guy on the ground making the real changes!

All in all, this was a wonderful contribution to the global community which listed significant changes the individual can make through to the larger shift we need to see in corporations, industry and governments.

It was empowering and uplifting, making me want to do more to be a part of the solution and regenerative community.

Well done to all involved, and make sure you watch it on Netflix when released globally September 22nd!!!

🎥 (2:29) Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020)

The must-see trailer for Kiss the Ground is finally live! Watch it and discover the simple solution for climate change. The full-length film is available on Netflix on September 22! Save the date and learn more at Here are some simple ways to support the film:




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