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January 2020: Doomsday Clock Ticks Down to 100 Seconds

Ever since we started EnviroBlog.Net - our little caring community on the Internet - we've had the Doomsday clock depicted in the website footer. This is in recognition of the collective peril we find our civilization in; not just from war, but increasingly from the destruction of the very life-sustaining natural support systems that we rely on for each breath, each drink - every molecule of sustenance.

We now find that the doomsday clock has been adjusted to 100 seconds before midnight, which is the closest we have come to our demise according to the bulletin of the atomic scientists. Climate change is a major factor, underscored by recent devastating bush fires in Australia. It is important to note that the advisory board of this body consists of many Nobel prize winners; this signal is well considered and sober. We would be fools not to take heed.

Yet, this is at a time where the world falters with notable lack of political leadership and conviction, watching on as the bumbling of the likes of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump cause reason for dismay. Even worse, these contemptible characters insult the likes of Greta Thunberg - someone with the courage to call out those in power for the inaction.

As we're not standing yet at the precipice - in the eyes of many - something tells me things will get worse before they get better.

With hope, for the planet,




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