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Meet One of Australia's Coolest Snakes, the Bandy Bandy 🎥

The Bandy Bandy is a nocturnal, burrowing species which feeds exclusively on blind snakes. While we have many species of snakes that can have bands, the Bandy Bandy is pretty distinctive with its highly glossy appearance and contrasting black and white rings which extend down the entire length of the body and the tail.

They also have a very rounded head as well as a blunt tail, and very small eyes (which make them look extra cute).

The bandy-bandy, also commonly known as the hoop snake, is a species of venomous snake in the family Elapidae. The species is endemic to Australia. It is considered weakly venomous.

One of the most interesting things about this snake is its unique defensive posture which involves the snake lifting its body off the ground to create one or two loops to confuse predators. Images 2 and 3 show this interesting defensive posture.

These snakes are pretty secretive due to their fossorial habits, and therefore, aren’t seen too often despite being relatively common. They may be seen crossing the road on a warm night (like most snakes!) or after some decent rain as the soil becomes waterlogged which causes them to surface.

In a more suburban setting, some people may find them stuck in the pool or like many small snakes, they can unfortunately be brought in by pets. Although we don’t know a whole lot about the venom of the Bandy Bandy, it is on the weaker side. On top of this, they have tiny mouths and are reluctant to bite.

Have you been lucky enough to see a Bandy Bandy?
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🎥 (0:29) Bandy Bandy at Lake Cowal, NSW, Australia


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