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Travel Blog - Team Member on Tour in Austria (Part 1)

Let me introduce myself briefly. I am Inga, a Senior member of the team at (, born in Germany and live in Australia for 34 years. Travelling to Europe is therefore on my agenda when possible. I recently returned from a trip to Europe with travel stories to tell. In this blog I will take you to a beautiful place in Austria - Lake Wolfgang, one of the most well-known lakes in the resort region of Salzkammergut, South-East of Salzburg.

Now come along; enjoy the story with idyllic pictures!

Lake Wolfgang (Salzkammergut/Austria)

Lake Wolfgang is truly beautiful and one of the best places to visit in Austria (so I’ve been told by a friend) I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Impressive landscapes at the shore of the world-famous Schafberg, crystal clear lakes, plenty of culture and captivating history. Whether hiking, bicycling or water sports, the whole area is also a real paradise for nature lovers. Arriving at St. Gilgen after many hours of driving from Northern Germany, the picturesque landscape was an amazing sight. The snow-covered mountains took a breath away, as we arrived at our destination with our motorhome.

My visit in Austria was limited to just 10 days, but what a memorable experience! Following are just some of the highlights.

View from the “Zwölferhorn”, a mountain reached by trekking or with St. Gilgen’s historic cable cars

Using the one-of-a-kind cable car system, we were taken from the valley station in St. Gilgen to the gorgeous mountain peak. There is a certain nostalgia in the air as soon as you climb into one of its original gondolas. Because of its gentle and smooth speed, the ascent feels as if floating upwards between the lakes. There are also plenty of walks up on the summit; various huts beckoned us to come in and sample the special local delicacies.

View from the mountain towards St. Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang

For a change of pace (involving some much-needed physical activity), we hired bicycles to ride the specially designed pathways. We made our way through forests, moory landscape, endless meadows with wildflowers, past farmhouses to the beautiful village St. Wolfgang.

Lake Wolfgang is named after the famous village St. Wolfgang, a pilgrimage place dated back to the middle ages. The picturesque village with its alpine colorful houses and historic hotels such as the “Im Weissen Rössl” is absolutely worthwhile a visit. Strolling around I discovered plenty of traditional shops offering unique local products. I much enjoyed the unique atmosphere and of course one has to relax in one of the lovely cafes.

Above all, the most popular hotel in St. Wolfgang is the hotel “Im Weissen Rössl” which is well known from the operetta “At the White Horse Inn”.

Kaiserschmarrn or Kaiserschmarren is a sweet dessert that takes its name from the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I, who was very fond of this kind of fluffy shredded pancake

There is one attraction at the Lake Wolfgang one cannot miss: a trip on the Schafberg Railway up to the mountain “Schafberg” - a most enjoyable experience!

The Schafberg Railway is a metre gauge cog railway in Upper Austria leading from Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut up to the Schafberg. With a total length of 5.85 km it gains about 1,200 m in height difference. Railway operation started in 1893. Wikipedia

The Schafberg Railway is the steepest cogwheel railway in Austria. Since 1893 mighty steam locomotives have powered their way from the lake-side base station at St. Wolfgang to the 1783 m high summit of the Schafberg. The Schafberg Railway allows every visitor to conquer the mountain in comfort and style, making the entire journey an unforgettable experience! Once on the top, magnificent Alpine views and warm Austrian hospitality beckon. The Hotel Schafbergspitze, Austria’s oldest mountain inn, originally dating from 1862, is a must-visit attraction. What awaited me up the top were magnificent, endless views with numerous Alpine lakes and the Dachstein glacier. This must be where the saying comes from: I Feel Like "On Top of the World".

On top of the “Schafberg” - a bit hazy that day, but still magnificent views

These are just a few of the many attractions around the Lake Wolfgang. The Salzkammergut has an abundance of lakes, green landscapes, stunning mountain peaks and local culture at its disposal. One of the most scenic regions in Austria, the name translates to English as Property of the Salt Chamber for its integral role in the region’s salt mining history (

I hope you will join me again for Part 2 - a day in Salzburg.


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