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When it Comes to Coffee, Sustainable means Cool

The world loves its coffee. It’s our favourite way to get up and get going; an indispensable energy booster for many as we go about our hectic lives.

  • Did you know that it is among the top ten most traded commodities by value? (FAO)

  • Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia rank among the highest producers. (The Economist)

Yet, it is particularly harmful at the predominant industrial farming scale, displacing communities, damaging soils and causing run-off pollution to waterways due to widespread pesticide and fertiliser use.

The better alternative, as is often the case, goes back to mimicking nature. The ancestral plants where not grown in massive plots but "shade-grown". That is, in rainforests and under layers of trees - especially the Arabica variety. Coffee evolved in these environments, and returning to these methods would benefit wildlife, support polination, ensure cleaner air and water, as well as promote healthy, fertile soils.

So, look for organic and shade grown coffee the next time you go out to fetch your brew of Joe.


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