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Where Is The Snake? 😉

The following story is provided by our Site Partner, Blogger and Proud Business Owner "Snake Catchers Brisbane". They provide stories on their non-stop adventures and inform the public on the wide range of snake species they encounter.

A couple of days ago, a snake skin was found inside some offices in Sinnamon Park, a Brisbane suburb in Australia. We were easily able to identify that the owner was a very tiny Carpet Python ( - however, the snake was nowhere to be found anywhere.

Coincidental, two days later, the owner of the skin was found curled up in the corner of the bathroom! The snake had been affectionately named 'Charlie' by the office staff, and he even had his own place on the sign in sheet 🤣.

Morelia spilota, commonly referred to as the carpet python or diamond python, is a large snake of the family Pythonidae found in Australia, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, and the northern Solomon Islands

Charlie is not a new hatchling (a young animal that has recently emerged from its egg) , but one of last seasons juveniles.

As much as the staff had come to love him, the office environment was not so suitable for Charlie, so it was best that he was moved on to a suitable environment.



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