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Celebrating National Tree Day here in Australia

Today, Sunday 2nd August is National Tree Day in Australia. It’s a day for education, advocacy and – most importantly – getting down to the practical business of planting up to a million trees across the country. We take positive action today, so that the trees may absorb CO2, clean the air, cool the local environment, help prevent erosion and provide shade for people and animals in the future.

While we’re at it, some of us will stop to #HugAtreeForNTD

Did you know that hugging a tree (literally and metaphorically) has been shown to have a range of positive impacts on health? For example, people living near a forest tend to be happier: https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2020/04/14/icelandic-forest-service-recommends-hugging-trees-since-you-cant-hug-people/#3141b268784c

The same can’t be said for a parking lot or shopping mall, that’s for sure.

Without mature eucalyptus trees behind our office, we wouldn't have these furry visitors.

To find out more, visit: https://treeday.planetark.org/

Does your country have a National Tree Day?


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