• Richard

Get to Know the Dodo 🎥

In case you haven't stumbled across their content before, we couldn't recommend highly enough - The Dodo. It's a website and, perhaps most well known, a popular Youtube channel sharing inspirational, compelling and interesting videos of all kinds for animal lovers.

Below we share some of our personal favourites - you can watch them right here!

Unique Pitbull "Screams" when he's happy.

Chicken greets guy with a hug ever day.

Groundhog loves guys veggie garden. Guy learns to love groundhog.

Dog reunited with family at shelter.

Rescued cow loves cuddles.

A Good News Police story: Dog Rescued from Hot Car.

The Love of Dogs: Owner "Rescued from Lake".

Cow thinks she’s a dog.

Blind cow reunited with her sister.

We hope you enjoyed the selection.


For more, see their archive at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDodoSite/videos

Thanks The Dodo !