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NZ Bans all Live Animal Export

This month saw a great win for animal welfare, as the New Zealand government announced it would ban all types of live animal export. Recognising that the well-being of animals cannot be assured once departing port and heading out to sea, the NZ government has taken responsibility for preventing the untold suffering of animals shipped to the far corners of the world. What a monumental decision, and one that should be applauded irrespective of one’s political leanings or affiliation.

Public opinion has shifted significantly in recent years. Consumers are not only calling for more sustainable farming practices, but more humane treatment of animals throughout food supply chains. We cannot cast a blind eye. We cannot condone the unethical treatment of sentient beings in the name of profit and access to lucrative markets.

We know this decision will be challenged in years to come by special interests however, with ongoing public pressure, let’s hope that this ship has sailed – once and for all. May Australia follow suit.

Live Animal Export - Explosed (Copyright Channel 9)


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