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Poll Results: Carbon Emissions

Dear reader, we've collected the results of our latest poll (found on the About page). This time around we asked: "Do you agree with taxation on carbon emissions?"

Perhaps not unexpectedly, we had zero votes for emissions not being an issue of concern, and only one for "leaving the government out of it". That is, relying on consumer preference and the invisible hand of the market to correct course. This view certainly has some arguments for it, to be sure.

With reference to the remaining options (carbon taxation on polluters; a tax on consumer; or "not sure") the results were almost perfectly split. Reducing emissions globally in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change is such a complex, monumental problem we also find this result unsurprising. The challenge is that much harder (with delay only making it worse) with both the right and left of the political spectrum retreating to their ideological corners far too often. Unless we listen to the scientists' increasingly dire warnings and take bold action divorced of political game-playing, our civilisation really is in deep trouble.

On a brighter note, we've posted a new poll: What is your favourite way to get back to nature? Please participate by visiting the About page (via the site menu). Thanks for your participation!

Figure 1. The unprecedented Hurricane Sandy makes it's presence felt.


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