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What a Load of Rubbish

We at EnviroBlog were apalled to see the state in which the St. Kilda foreshore (Melbourne, Victoria) was left on Christmas Day:

Figure 1. Credit: Armao, J. (The Age)

✻ ✻ ✻

This is truly emblematic of society's profligacy and demonstrates the problem of widespread apathy towards the natural world. Changing attitudes around waste disposal and recycling is only part of the challenge. Without reducing, reducing and - perhaps most importantly - redesigning the products we all use, the character of our natural environment will be changed forever. Increasingly large oceanic garbage patches are a stark reminder that we must act with urgency. Signs aren't good, as the world is on track to triple waste output by 2100 (The World Bank, 2013), but there's always hope. Reducing our individual "footprint" and opting for biodegradable plastics wherever possible is a good start.

Let's not let the scenes of St. Kilda become humanity's permanent vista.


1. "The Age" (online). Accessed: 27.12.17. Photo Credit: Joe Armao

2. "The World Bank" (online). Accessed: 27.12.17


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